IFBB Pro Noy Alexander
Curtsy Leaning Lunges

Lunges are one of my favorite unilateral exercises for the lower body. Training one limb at a time ensures equal work for both legs, and it also doubles the amount of work time for an increase in your overall activity level. […]

Rawfusion Strawberry Smoothie

This smoothie is not only great tasting, but super healthy for you. The Rawfusion addition gives you the protein you need and it is Vegan Approved, so you can enjoy this smoothie without feeling guilty! Makes: 25 Ounces Prep Time: […]

IFBB Pro Noy Alexander
Living Life

Around this time each year for the past four years I’d usually be in the middle of preparing for the Arnold Classic weekend. This year, however, I decided not to submit my request for an invitation to compete. Ultimately, this leaves me with a little more time to enjoy the flexibility of traveling. […]

IFBB Pro Oksana Grishina
M&F Hers CoverGirl

I hope you all had a great holiday season with your friends and family, because now it’s time to kick ass in the gym and start eating right.  SAN Supplements offer the best and most convenient way to get the most out of your […]

Diego Sebastian
Ready for 2016!

I’d like to take a moment to thank SAN Nutrition and all of my followers for their support in 2015. It was a great year, and I’m excited for all the new fitness projects I’m working on for 2016. I’ll be travelling […]

Candice Lewis-Carter
Vision & Commitment!

Never miss a workout Always have a plan and stick to it – even when the going gets tough. That’s especially important when it comes to working out, and I believe there’s a formula every one of us can follow to stay motivated […]

IFBB Pro Noy Alexander
Macronutrients And You!

Aside from wanting to know exactly what they should be eating, one of the questions I get asked from time to time by my clients is, “What’s all this talk about macronutrients; what does that mean?” Macronutrients are the nutrients needed in large amounts […]

Training – Blasting Biceps!

By: John Hansen Q: I notice you have a great peak on your biceps. What exercises did you do to develop that? A: The shape of your biceps is pretty much determined by your genetics, just like the shape of […]

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