Diego Sebastian
My Take On L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine I get asked all the time what is this best supplement I can take? I’m not a fan of the word “best” when it comes to taking supplements. There are supplements you take that are essential and others that […]

Caffeinated Monkey
with Rawfusion

This is a tasty smoothie that will get you going. Tastes delicious and is quick and easy! • 1 Banana (126 g) • 1½ cup (8 fl oz), Coffee – Brewed from grounds • 30 g, Rawfusion Plant Based Protein – […]

IFBB Pro Oksana Grishina
Rawfusion Banana Pancakes

This is a very simple Pancake Recipe from IFBB Pro Oksana Grishina! These pancakes taste great – really they are tasty enough that you don’t even need syrup for them, just some warm pancakes and fresh fruit for breakfast and your good […]

IFBB Pro Noy Alexander
Prestige Crystal Cup

It’s Peak Week once again as I am a couple days away from my next competition.  Less than 2 weeks ago, I was competing in Las Vegas at the Musclecontest Patriots Pro Bikini.  I walked away with a 3rd place […]

IFBB Pro Candice Lewis
No Fear of The Scale

Throughout my fitness journey, stepping on a scale to weigh myself has been quite stressful for many years, but it really shouldn’t be that way for any of us. I had to train myself to think of the scale as […]

How To Build True Muscle Weight

By: John Hansen Q: I write to you because I have a major problem. I am skinny. I mean I have microthin arms, no chest and bad posture. I live in Mumbai. I am a Christian, 34 years old. I […]

IFBB Pro Noy Alexander
I Love Leg Training

One of my favorite body parts to train is legs. Regardless of what phase of my training cycle I am on, my primary focus is always on working them through time under tension. Every repetition is done with strict form […]

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