Adding Rawfusion™ to your diet is an easy way to add 100% plant-based protein, but what about a convenient and complete whole-food liquid meal? The release of Rawfusion’s 100% raw plant-based protein matrix turned the world of protein on its […]

Surfing the Anabolic Hormone Zone

When it comes to adding or subtracting body fat, scientists used to believe it was simply a matter of calorie control. Now they are realizing it’s not that simple; there is a major hormonal connection, namely insulin. You can eat […]

Noy’s Sushi Preparation

I just celebrated my birthday a couple of days ago, and since I am currently in preparation mode, I had to be careful where I went for dinner. My favorite type of food,  especially during prep., is sushi.  Not all […]

Things Fit People Do To Stay In Shape

1. They drink 12 oz. of water first thing in the morning. Drinking a full glass of water upon rising will fuel your body out of its dehydrated resting state by getting your metabolism going and digestive tract moving. 2. […]

Oksana Grishina #OGPoleFitnessClassic

Hello my friends, It’s almost time for my own first show that I’m producing and sponsoring, the  #OGPoleFitnessClassic!  I’m enjoying every single moment of preparation for this special event! We have a great evening of performance and competition planned to share with you guys!  […]

Preventing Injuries While Training Heavy

Q: I have a question about preventing injuries. I’m trying to train with as much intensity as possible, but I’m concerned about injuring myself. My logic tells me that the harder I train (with correct form), the more likely it […]

Diego Sebastian
Shredding Hacks for summer

Summer is here! Are you ready? Constant maintenance and keeping healthy habits are the keys to keeping yourself in top shape. Sticking with some of the disciplines listed below all year will prevent you from going crazy trying to drop […]

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