oksana-olympiaHappy New Year everybody!! I hope you all reached your goals for 2013, and I hope 2014 will be the best year, ever, for all of you, setting and reaching new goals! Make a list of your goals, big and small, put your mind and body to work on each one, and just do it! You’ve got a whole year to make it happen!

I’m sure many of you had a fun New Year’s Eve celebration. With this time of year always being the heart of my prep for competition, it’s been a long time-almost 10 years-since I’ve really celebrated like most people. For years my family and friends asked me if I missed the food and champagne and celebration each New Year. I do love all the food of the holiday, and I used to ask myself that question, as well, lol. Of course, I couldn’t always afford to eat that way, so the question usually answered itself. With time and my experience as an athlete, I have learned that I now have a very different answer to that question. My diet and training have become my lifestyle. I choose a healthy diet and I enjoy it, because it brings me results and I want results!!! This is my choice and I have no regrets that I didn’t eat pizza, or pie, or stuffing at Christmas time, lol.

My prep continues to go well. Of course, whenever I think it will be easier, it never is, lol. There is always something new to learn, some new challenge to take on. I always find myself pushing harder, sometimes harder than ever before. I also know that a lot is expected of me, not just in my performance, but with my body. I always come to the stage in my best shape, but I do feel a need to show up hard, lean, and fuller, still. I’m not complaining. This is what I do.this is what I love.and I WILL do it!

Walking on stage in great shape and putting together a new performance takes hard work, lots of preparation, and focus. To make it happen, I have every minute of every day carefully scheduled-meals, SAN supplements, workouts, cardio, work, and so many other details of my prep. I’m angry with myself if I miss anything, and I really leave no time for indulging myself. I’m also busy designing and making my new costume. This makes me have so much respect, appreciation, and gratitude for the women who design and make our posing suits, and I am so thankful to Maggie Keaveny (http://www.maggie-suits.com/) for her suit sponsorship!

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training for the Arnold!

Stay strong, work hard, and never give up!
All my love!!

Oksana Grishina
IFBB Fitness Pro Champion