It’s been a tough couple of weeks.  I was feeling a little under the weather, lost my voice, thought I was getting better, started trying to do too much with scarcely any rest and as a result, relapsed with bronchitis. Just not what any competitor wants to hear in the midst of her contest prep. Well it is what it is,  and now just waiting for this cough to go away, but in the meantime, I will have to take it easy this time.

There is definitely a bug going around, always tired, my chest is all congested, and oh boy, noogies galore.  Under the advice of my trainer, I was told to back off slightly on my training, concentrate on light weights and squeezing.  He adjusted my diet to accommodate my limited cardio as well.  It’s been tough on my exercise induced asthma, as my breathing and oxygen uptake has been limited.

Now that we are rolling into the Fall and Winter months, this is when you are most susceptible to getting ill.  So to say the least, preventative care and maintenance of your health is much more simple then trying to treat the after effects of a virus.

Some helpful reminders that I obviously am now taking better heed of:

1.  Always carry a hand sanitizer/wash your hands.
2. Never touch your eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands.
3. Take your daily dose of Dr. Feel Good and extra vitamin C’s.
4.  Drink plenty of water.
5. Get your daily minimum sleep of 7 hours (preferably 8 is ideal).
6. Make healthy food selections.

These are just some very simple things to remember, but sometimes we tend to forget the obvious.  By sticking to the  basics, you could welcome the upcoming germ filled winter months with ease.  If that’s too much trouble, then just wear a nose and mouth mask:).  That would do just fine!:)))

Noy Alexander