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The SAN NUTRITION EXPLOSIVE POWER STACK consists of four power-packed supplements guaranteed to maximize your work in the gym. These potent products include RAWFUSION, FIERCE DOMINATION, PERFORMANCE GLUTAMINE and 100% CASEIN FUSION. Each of these products synergistically enhances the benefits of the others, resulting in maximum support for energy, recovery, lean muscle, mental acuity, and power output. Each ingredient supports a different positive effect on the body that results in creating a more powerful athlete.


The first phase of the EXPLOSIVE POWER STACK is Rawfusion protein. Athletes like MMA Fighters find it beneficial to switch “on and off” from using animal protein. It used to be difficult to find great tasting and well-balanced plant protein, but this great-tasting and incredibly potent plant-based protein is so good you won’t even miss animal protein sources. When your goals are to build lean muscle mass while limiting your animal protein, you can now do it with minimal effort by utilizing premium-quality Rawfusion.

Fierce Domination

Consistent, highly intense, and focused training sessions are the keys to making the best gains, whether that means size, strength, or endurance. That’s where Fierce Domination comes in as the ignition source of the EXPLOSIVE POWER STACK. This potent pre-workout formula is designed to powerfully energize, deliver unstoppable muscle endurance, and stimulate fast recovery. It also supports lean muscle tissue gains, strength, and stamina.

Performance Glutamine

The EXPLOSIVE POWER STACK also includes Performance Glutamine for its well-deserved reputation of supporting increased strength and power while shortening recovery periods from grueling workouts and sparring sessions. This muscle-preserving, hormone-supporting component of this stack is 100% bioavailable and doesn’t cause any water retention, so it gets right into your system without ever slowing you down.

Casein Fusion

The fourth and final phase of EXPLOSIVE POWER STACK is 100% Casein Fusion. This well-balanced protein powder is a multi-stage, controlled-disbursement protein matrix that ensures high-quality protein for preserving and building muscle all day and night. It’s high in essential fatty acids, low in carbohydrates, and free of aspartame.

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