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Intra Fuel (608grams)Per 12.16gramsL-Leucine 2500mgL-Valine 1250mgL-Isoleucine 1250mgL-Arginine 1250mgb-Alanine 1250mgL-Threonine 250mgL-Methionine 150mgL-Phenylalanine 300mgL-Tyrosine 700mgL-Histidine 50mgL-Citrulline Malate 50mgPyridoxine HCl 3.5mgNiacinamide 10mgL-Lysine 5mgOrange Flavor 745mgCitric Acid 750mgCalcium Silicate 300mgDicalcium Phos. 200mgNA Orotate 200mgMalic Acid 400mgAspartame 400mgAce-K 100mg58oz. Black Container

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