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What Hurts Your Workout
What You Do Wrong That Hurts Your Workout!

Q: What do you think is the most important aspect of a workout to keep in mind? What do most people do wrong that would make a huge difference in their results if they corrected it?
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Green Supreme Fusion Immune Booster

We are in midst of allergy season, (for me it’s year round) but spring is usually the worst. Since I can’t control all the different pollens in the air amongst the already existing allergens that my body reacts to, I can only control how healthy I keep my immune system.
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Oksana Motivation
My Motivation To Be Better!

I am so happy to have people who care enough to know my story, care to know me as a person and as an athlete, and have stuck by me on this long road. Two things keep me motivated – looking better, and doing better. So, I’m avoiding distractions and staying focused on my prep for the Olympia competition!
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Rawfusion Bar

Raw Foods Protein Superfood – Raw Fusion Bar
Made with all Natural Organic ingredients. No Preservatives, Synthetic Sweeteners or Sugar Alcohols. Vegan Approved. 15 Grams of Protein per bar. Rawfusion is high in Fiber and Tastes Great! Energize your day with the Rawfusion Protein Bar!
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