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Training - FST-7 Training!
Training – FST-7 Training!

The idea of stretching the muscle fascia, the fibrous encasements that surround muscle fibers, has been around for a while. The original method had you use a rigorous, painful stretching regimen after you trained a bodypart. For example, after working hamstrings, you’d sit on the floor, legs straight and together, and your trainer would force your torso forward to fully elongate the hamstrings—it brought tears to the eyes.
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Green Supreme Fusion Immune Booster

I can only control how healthy I keep my immune system and this Immune Booster helps everytime. Especially now that I am training everyday and can’t afford any setbacks with not feeling 100%. Just as religious as I am about my physical recovery days, I am also diligent about preventing a weakened immune system. Aside from taking my daily dose of Dr. Feel Good, I also drink a Green Supreme Fusion each and every morning with breakfast!
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Arnold Classic Champion - 3-Peat
Oksana Grishina – Arnold Classic Champion – 3-Peat

Wow! After all the challenges of creating and perfecting my new routine, I just won the Arnold Classic Fitness International for the third year in a row. It’s an incredible experience, and it’s felt surprisingly different each time🙏🏻. Thank you to all of you who came to the Arnold Classic to show your support, and to those who watched and supported us online, as well.
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Oksana Grishina – Arnold Classic – The 3-Peat!

Oksana Grishina took the stage in Ohio at the Arnold Classic 2016 after taking the Championship 2 years in a row there, and being undefeated for 2 years. When she stepped on the stage with her brand new routine she raised the bar again and now has the 3-peat in her pocket.
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