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Training - Blasting Biceps!
Training – Blasting Biceps!

The most famous exercise is concentration curls, but many bodybuilders do them incorrectly. When you do concentration curls seated on a bench with your elbow pressed against your thigh, you can curl more weight, even using your upper body to help get the weight up. If your goal is to create a higher biceps peak, however, you should isolate the biceps.
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Rawfusion Strawberry Smoothie

This smoothie is not only great tasting, but super healthy for you. The Rawfusion addition gives you the protein you need and it is Vegan Approved, so you can enjoy this smoothie without feeling guilty!
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Diego Sebastian - Mistakes sabotaging your fitness Goals
Diego Sebastian – Mistakes sabotaging your fitness Goals

It’s that awkward time of year when you’re either on track with your fitness goals, or you just can’t get dialed in with your workouts and diet. Most of your success depends on what’s going on in your mind…
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What Are You All About? – SAN Nutrition

What Are You All About? When there are no spotlights and no cheers, your toughest competition is still ahead. When it’s just you versus you, sheer determination and will are what set you apart.
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