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Training Heavy
Preventing Injuries While Training Heavy

Every time you push yourself beyond anything you have ever done before, there’s always the chance that you will strain either the muscles or the connective tissue. The key is to train within your limits and not beyond your capabilities. I’m a big believer in training heavy on the basic exercises. When you perform compound movements, you are using a number of major muscle groups at the same time.
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My Sweet Treat
IFBB Pro Noy Alexander – My Sweet Treat

I have a terrible sweet tooth, but to help from going overboard with the sugar and extra calories, I’ve come up with this easy snack as a nutritious and satisfying solution. Not only does this satisfy my cravings for sweets, it also doubles as a high-protein meal replacement. Give this sweet treat a try the next time you’ve got the urge for something sugary or just need a healthy snack.
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Oksana's Crazy Couple of weeks
Oksana Grishina – Oksana’s Crazy Couple of weeks

It’s almost time for my own first show that I’m producing and sponsoring, the #OGPoleFitnessClassic! I’m enjoying every single moment of preparation for this special event! We have a great evening of performance and competition planned to share with you guys! Finally, you can see the documentary short film “Winning Strength” on the big screen, coming first, at 7:30!!!!
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BCAA Boosted

Intermittent Fasting takes the fear out of the whole idea of fasting. Yes, you’ll go through periods of hunger that may be a challenge, but if you plan well as listed above, the advantages should be well worth the effort. If you’ve been struggling to shed those final pounds, or if you simply want to put your fat burning into hyperdrive, give one of these methods a try, and be absolutely certain to maximize your feeding periods with quality food and premium SAN supplements.
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