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Training - Quick Start Program!
Training – Quick Start Program!

The Quick-Start program has you beginning with a two-week break-in routine, using the basic exercises, like squats and bench presses, for one to two sets each. It’s a full-body workout that takes about an hour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and it’s geared to upregulate your nervous system and coordination quickly so you can start building muscle immediately after your two-week “learning” phase. Then you move to something more intense to accelerate your gains.
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Green Supreme Fusion Immune Booster

I can only control how healthy I keep my immune system and this Immune Booster helps everytime. Especially now that I am training everyday and can’t afford any setbacks with not feeling 100%. Just as religious as I am about my physical recovery days, I am also diligent about preventing a weakened immune system. Aside from taking my daily dose of Dr. Feel Good, I also drink a Green Supreme Fusion each and every morning with breakfast!
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Cardio Crackdown
Noy Alexander – Cardio Crackdown

I’m not a “Cardio Bunny,” so I prefer more high-intensity work using intervals, explosive movements, kettlebells, medicine ball slams, rope slams, sprint drills, ladder drills, plyometrics and paddle boarding. This isn’t just because it’s more fun and challenging to me; I also prefer high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio for the afterburn effect. I like to put in the harder work and have the efforts last.
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BCAA Boosted

Intermittent Fasting takes the fear out of the whole idea of fasting. Yes, you’ll go through periods of hunger that may be a challenge, but if you plan well as listed above, the advantages should be well worth the effort. If you’ve been struggling to shed those final pounds, or if you simply want to put your fat burning into hyperdrive, give one of these methods a try, and be absolutely certain to maximize your feeding periods with quality food and premium SAN supplements.
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